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Rye Breads

Rye Breads

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The German Country Sourdough is a traditional, rustic bread made with 50% whole rye flour and 50% wheat flour. Our carefully raised sourdough cultures give this bread its distinctive and hearty, artisan texture and flavor....
Our classic Crusty 100% Rye Sourdough is a prime example of how delicious rye bread can be. Slow-baked using the best rye flour ingredients, your tastebuds will love every slice....
The Multi-Grain Sourdough contains 50% rye flour and 50% wheat flour, plus 7 different grains and seeds - giving this bread its flavorsome and hearty taste....
Our bestselling bread by far. The Pumpkin Sourdough contains 50% rye flour and 50% wheat flour, plus a hearty serving of pumpkin seeds giving it a beautiful rustic flavor....
a mix of Weat & Rye-flour to enhance flavour we substituted sourdough with fermented cabbage which gives this loaf its distinct taste...
Country style Caraway Sourdough is a classic German favorite. It is a medium rye sourdough that is lightly seasoned with caraway seeds. Very unique, very traditional!...
A wholesome loaf with tons of flavour. This traditional German bread has a rich rye flavour, infused with sunflower seeds the whole way through the loaf....