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Rye Breads

Rye Breads

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A classic German bread. Laced with sunflower kernels this medium density rye bread is rich in flavour with an irresistible crunch. Enjoy with all your favourite toppings. Single Loaf (servings dependent on slice thickness)....
Our signature loaf, also known as our Haus Brot (House Bread). A combination of rye and wheat flours are mixed with our cultivated sourdough, fresh yeast, salt, water & bread spices to create a truly authentic European bread. Single loaf (servings dependent on slice thickness)....
A larger version of our Five Grain Loaf, the Five Grain High-Top boasts a variety of carefully selected grains combined with rye, wheat and wholemeal flour to create a flavoursome family favourite. Single Loaf (servings dependent on slice thickness)....
As the name suggests this hand-moulded cob loaf contains 8% sauerkraut, a must try for all bread lovers! Entered during the mixing process, the sauerkraut, rye and wheat flours combine to produce a moist, flavourful loaf. Single Loaf (servings dependent on slice thickness)....
The loaf that will make your tastebuds sing! Our cultivated sourdough is mixed with rye and wheat flours, fresh yeast, salt, water and a good pinch of caraway seeds to create a loaf that is equally flavoursome as it is aromatic. Enjoy toasted to enhance the caraway flavour. Single loaf (servings ...