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It’s what we are famous for, the Brezel! A soft white dough is twisted into the traditional shape before being sprinkled with rock salt and baked to perfection. Best enjoyed with lashings of butter accompanied by a traditional breakfast, or your favourite German beer! Single serve (perfect for ...
A play on our traditional Brezel. The same soft white dough rolled and topped with cheddar cheese before being baked to perfection. Single serve....
This Sweet Treat is a fried Doughnut Batter covered in yummy cinnamon Sugar and Twisted into a Brezel Shape...
Ideal for sandwich making, the Laugen roll is made from wheat, flour and yeast, then dipped in lye water before being baked to perfection. Single serve....
A mini version of our traditional Brezel. Single serve (perfect for functions)....
For the real Brezel lovers! Our famous Oktoberfest Brezels are made from the same mouth watering recipe as our traditional Brezels, but 5 times the size! Perfect for all occasions....